What’s Your Story? Share your Story on Facebook with New Video Tool

Do you currently advertise on Facebook? If so, you now have the opportunity to literally re-create your success in video form and showcase it to the Facebook Community.

The social media platform recently created a tool for you to do just that in light of reaching a milestone of 3 million advertisers globally. It’s Facebook’s way of saying thanks to its growing business community, which has not only helped the social media network remain at the top of the social media mountain but also helped many businesses get closer to their markets. The best part? It’s totally free.

To make the most of this new story creation tool, you can quickly create a short video, which includes pictures and audio, telling the story of what your business is about and what you do. You can access the tool by signing into your Facebook Business account; the option will show up at the top right of the Pages Manager dashboard.

How to create your story










Putting your story together is quite easy using the video tool and requires no special skills. In fact, all it will take is a few clicks of your mouse once you have clicked on the “Create Video” button.

From there, you will be able to select your best pictures for the video and Facebook will do the rest.

The app is similar to a “Friends Day” video app that was launched by the company to celebrate their 10thanniversary and which was a major hit with millions of Facebook users.

How you could use this to your advantage

Since its launch during the first week of March, many businesses have taken advantage of the free video story tool. In fact, many have used it to further enhance their Facebook advertising activities as fans welcome the presentations as fresh content on the business pages. Although each video will be no more than about 15 seconds, you can make it work for you by choosing your best pictures. Think about posts that you have used in the past that attracted the most engagement, or you may use new pictures that show your business offerings in a different light. Also, ensure that the images are of the highest quality and are directly linked to what your core message is.

If you have not yet created your story or haven’t seen the option to do so on your Page Manager dashboard, you can access it here. You can also see examples of videos that have been created by other businesses around the world, which can give you inspiration if you need it.

For even more inspiration, here are a few Facebook video facts to consider for your future video advertising projects:

  1. Facebook accounts for much of the video content across social media with an average of over 8 billion daily video views.
  2. Video content accounts for over 50% of mobile traffic.
  3. 65% of online video viewers will watch more than 75% of the videos they encounter online.
  4. Video is viewed as the best content for ROI by 52% of marketers.
  5. Studies show that 59% of senior business executives would choose videos over text if the two are available on the same topic at the same time.