Get more Bang for Your Buck with LinkedIn’s Targeted Account Advertising

On March 1st, LinkedIn launched its newest advertising product for businesses, Account Targeting, which is expected to change the way how advertisers share their messages on the platform. Instead of sending out ads to anyone on the professional social network, businesses can now choose their target audiences and tailor-make content specifically for them.

Business to business (B2B) lead generation is most effective on LinkedIn when compared to other social networks, according to marketing research statistics. Companies use Sponsored Updates and Sponsored InMail campaigns to network their offerings to the over 8 million other companies on LinkedIn. In addition to these advertising products, company pages utilize page posts and posts to discussion groups in order to connect with audiences and spread their message.

Despite the reasonable rates of success from these advertising channels, marketers have still been looking for more effective ways to increase their returns on advertising dollars spent on LinkedIn. This is what led to the creation of LinkedIn Account Targeting.

How to use Account Targeting

The new advertising product allows you to select your audience instead of sending out ads to anyone, some of whom may have no interest in what you’re offering. To use it, you begin by contacting the LinkedIn account team and requesting a consultation. Once the link has been made, you can then present your list of preferred accounts that you want your ads to target, i.e. your target audience. LinkedIn then cross-references your list against the other businesses on the platform to create your ideal target segment.

You can help LinkedIn further refine your audience to get your message out to the most relevant people by specifying defined job functions and organization seniority of LinkedIn members, as well as other profile information. Once your target segment has been defined, you can then launch your LinkedIn ad campaign and watch the results.

What this means for businesses advertising on LinkedIn


As the world’s largest network of professionals, LinkedIn presents an ideal marketplace for businesses to reach other professionals who may be interested in their offerings. Additionally, it is a good place for businesses to network with other people who have the skills they need, helping to grow their respective businesses in the process. Using Account Targeting, businesses will be able to better target the appropriate market segments they want to reach, thereby maximizing on their account dollars.


Are you advertising on LinkedIn? With LinkedIn Account Targeting, now is possibly the best time to get started if you’re not already doing so. Here are some interesting facts about LinkedIn marketing that prove the platform is perfect for B2B advertising.

  1. LinkedIn has over 414 million users worldwide, with 100 million visiting the site monthly.
  2. LinkedIn offers the highest lead generation results for businesses on social media with 80.33%. Twitter and Facebook are distant with figures of 12.73% and 6.73% respectively.
  3. Over 50% of LinkedIn members agree that they would do business with a company that is active on the platform.
  4. CEOs on LinkedIn have, on average, 930 connections.
  5. 63% of marketers have said that LinkedIn is the most effective B2B social network.
  6. A 2012 study found that 65% of businesses on LinkedIn got new customers through a B2B campaign on the site.