Find the Right People to Follow with Twitter’s New Connect Tab

If you’ve ever struggled to find suitable people to follow on Twitter, you’re probably going to love the latest update from the social media giant. The new feature being rolled out to users around the world is a ‘Connect’ tab, which will recommend accounts that the service thinks will be most relevant to you.

Users who have already received the update can start checking it out by tapping on the blue person icon found at the top left of the app, once the update has been received. According to a May 3 release on the Twitter blog, Connect is designed to give you the best possible profile recommendations to follow, based on your own interests, people you follow, popular accounts near to you and current events.

But, the feature will not only make suggestions, it will also tell you the reason why it is recommending an account to follow. Additionally, you will also have the option to sync your address book automatically using Connect, and you will also be sent a notification when any of your friends join Twitter, prompting you to welcome them to the network.

Although classified as a new feature, Connect will seem familiar to users who have been with Twitter for a long time. It was available in a different form, years ago, as the @Connect notifications tab on Still, the new tab has been totally revamped and the development team promises to keep refining it to ensure users get the most relevant suggestions for them to follow.

Using the Connect feature is simple. If you don’t have it as yet, you will need to update the app, after which you will see the blue person icon show up.


Tap on the icon to get started and you will be taken to another screen with a list of accounts that it believes you might want to follow

This update is Twitter’s latest attempt to remain relevant in the social media market. With over 300 million monthly users, the once second-most popular social media platform has seen little growth compared to Facebook’s continued dominance and a rise in popularity for Instagram and Snapchat. Still, the micro-blogging app remains a highly vibrant platform, allowing users to take advantage of its speed while keeping up with friends and family, current events and top brands.

Twitter’s Connect tab could help users find more relevant accounts that they actually want to follow, which could in turn boost interaction between users. Total number of monthly users has remained largely static between 300 and 310 million over the past year, despite Twitter having over 1.3 billion registered users. Connect could also impact the following stats:

  • Twitter users average 208 followers.
  • Approximately 391 million Twitter accounts have no followers.
  • 43% of Twitter users that have ever tweeted have not done so within the past year.
  • An average of 500 million people visit Twitter each month but do not log in.

Need to improve your follower count but not sure who to follow? Maybe you should check out the new Connect tab. It is now available for both iOS and Android users.