Pizza Shop – Case Study

This pizza shop is a family owned pizza shop in Renfrew, Ontario. They are active in their local community and have won several awards for the best pizza in the town.



Up until now they relied on word of mouth and being active in the community to generate business. Business is doing well, but they realized there is always room to do better and they were open to giving social media a try. They had a Facebook page, as well as some fans, but they were not posting any pictures of their food. Their page was more of a personal page versus a business page.


Page Likes

Page Reach

The REACH drastically increased, meaning more and more people are seeing the page and the posts.

Individual post reach before was low as well as low engagement and it was very inconsistent. One of the problems with their page was they are a food establishment, but did not show any pictures of their food!

After statistics show the reach of every post at over 1000 with consistent engagement and interactions

The types of posts on the page not only display what the business has to offer, but they are fostering engagement. This will make current fans your biggest ambassadors while also attracting new clients along the way. These posts demonstrate Social Selling – building relationships and encouraging fans to visit.

Facebook allows very detailed targeting to put an ad in front of the proper audience. This ad was put in front of those that are Gluten Free.

Reviews are very important and the team responds to every review that is written to further build the relationships even stronger!


This pizza shop has relied on word of mouth marketing as well as being active in the community to establish a solid client base of loyal regulars. However, with that model, growth is slow. Therefore, after implementing Facebook marketing strategies, they now have a real online presence. This online

presence has grown their business and exposed it to new set of people that may have not been aware of them before.

We’ve been able to showcase their food, their menu as well as their accomplishments and reviews.