Mexican Restaurant – Case Study

This case study is based on an authentic Mexican restaurant in Gastonia, North Carolina. They pride themselves on fresh ingredients and authentic Mexican food and drinks.



This restaurant tried various marketing strategies and never really saw any significant direct results. They have many specials such as Taco Tuesdays, daily lunch deals, and live music on Fridays, yet they did not know how to effectively promote these events. They did occasional posting, but received very little engagement.



Once the team started to manage the page, the page likes began to steadily grow over time. Most importantly the likes are TARGETED based on the area and specific interests.

Page ReachThe REACH continues to increase, meaning more and more people are seeing the page and the posts.

When analyzing the individual posts, overall the reach was low, as well as low, inconsistent engagement and interaction.

After statistics show the reach was significantly higher with the highest at 3.4K! Engagement is also very strong, some stronger than others due to paid promotions.

Their current customers become their biggest ambassadors! This is social proof that will influence others that have never visited the location.

We encourage “tagging” and “sharing” to expose the business to the friends of the restaurants biggest fans! Voting posts help bring “fun” to the business and exposed the page to new visitors.

We use Facebook as a platform to announce certain events that were happening at the restaurant. In this case, the event was Taco Tuesdays. We were able to garner interest and awareness to new visitors.


The business owner struggled to see how marketing on Facebook would help his business, but he went in with an open mind and the results were much more than expected. His current customers have now become his biggest ambassadors, which has helped influence new visitors.

He was very happy because he could see direct results.

The team will continue promoting the two weekly events as well incorporating lunch deals and more through Facebook as we watch and see the business grow.