Dental Practice – Case Study

Dentist offices are ideal to market on Facebook. Social media, in particular Facebook, is where people go to interact with friends and family as well as brands and businesses. It is a great place to build relationships and trust, and through different strategies via Facebook, a dental practice will be able to strengthen already established relationships and build new ones that can turn into long term clients.


This dentist office was currently having his staff members do the social media for them, posting

when they remembered or if there was a specific promotion they wanted to highlight. They knew the importance of Facebook, but other than just posting every now and then, they did not know how to properly utilize the platform to the fullest.

Page Likes

Once the team started to manage the page, the page likes began to steadily increase and grow over time. Most importantly the likes are TARGETED based on the area and specific interests.

Page Reach

The REACH continues to increase and stay consistent, meaning more and more people are seeing the page and the posts, hence the reach is growing.

Facebook Reviews

Within Facebook, reviews are very important for social proof. Once someone leaves a review, not only does it show up in the reviews section, but the team also shares it on the business page so that followers of the page can see it in their newsfeeds. In addition, the team comments and thanks each person that leaves a review. This allows maximum exposure for every review.

Facebook Check-ins

When visitors visit the dental office, they are encouraged the “check-in”. With this office, when a patient “checks in” they are entered to win a free gift. The benefit of the patient “checking in” to the location, is that it is posted on their personal Facebook page for all of their friends and family to see. It is a form of free advertising for the business as well as a personal endorsement from the patient.

With the example below, this patient “checked in”, and left a great review. Her “check-in” was posted on her page for all her friend and family to see and six of her followers liked the post. In addition, the post was “shared” on the dental page for followers of the page to see the post as well.

Facebook Posts

Goal Posts

When creating posts for dental offices, it is important for the team to understand what their goals are and what they want to focus on for their practice.

This practice wanted to emphasis that they are a family practice; therefore, images of children and family are highlighted through various posts.

Educational Posts

As people are looking towards dental care, they want to ensure they are going to someone they trust and are the “experts” in their field. With this in mind, the team provides educational posts teaching visitors the importance of dental care and educating them on different issues that may arise with their teeth and gums.

Entertaining Posts

Entertaining posts are created to show that there is also a “fun” side to the dental practice, in addition, these posts tend to get shared. When posts are shared, they are exposed to even more people. These people who are “friends” of people that like the page are more than likely similar demographically to the person that shared, so the information is getting in front of the best target market.

Engaging Posts

Post are created that foster engagement to pull people into the page and interact. The more interaction that can be done with potential clients and current clients the better, to foster relationship building.

Promotional Posts

Based on the current promotions that the practice is promoting, accompanying posts are created.

New Patients

This dental practice has been able to see a significant increase in phone calls as well as visits to their

website. They’ve been doing a variety of different marketing strategies that incorporate directing

visitors to their Facebook page. The combination of a variety of different strategies along with Facebook, has proven to be very successful.

Over a three-month period, they’ve seen growth each month from 10 new patients in September, 20 new   patients   in   October   and   61   new   patients   in   December.   Patients   have   even   booked appointments directly on the Facebook page.


When promoting dental practices on Facebook it is important to consistently stay in the minds of your target audience. Your potential client may not book an appointment right away, but when they are

ready for the service they will remember the dentist who is fun, engaging, informative and loves to build relationships.