Cupcake Shop – Case Study

This case study is about a cupcake shop in Florida. They specialize in gourmet cupcakes, gelato, macaroons, cookies and custom-made cakes.

The business owner knew the importance of Facebook, but just didn’t have the time to post on a regular basis or how to properly utilize the power of Facebook marketing. She admitted she was very busy and just didn’t have the time. When approached with the opportunity, she was very relieved to have someone manage her Facebook page on her behalf.

Page Likes

Once the team started to manage the page, the page likes began to steadily grow over time. Most importantly the likes are TARGETED based on the area and specific interests.

Page Reach
The REACH continues to increase, meaning more and more people are seeing the page and the posts.

Page Actions
People that are visiting the page are taking action with clicking to the website, clicking the “get directions” button and clicking the “call now” button.

Individual post reach before was between 223 with the highest at 980. There was low engagement and it was very inconsistent

After statistics show the reach of almost every post at over 1000 with consistent engagement and

The types of posts on the page not only display what the business has to offer, but they are fostering engagement. This will make current fans ambassadors while also attracting new clients along the way.

These posts demonstrate Social Selling – building relationships and encouraging fans to visit.

The cupcake shop also needed a platform to introduce their new Macaroons, and it went over extremely well! People were excited to come in and try them!

The post below is an example of a direct result from promoting specific cupcakes in the shop, then someone coming in and making a purchase!

Lots of engagement and interaction


Like many other businesses, the business owner was not able to see direct results from her previous marketing efforts. Now, with the proper use of Facebook marketing, she can finally see direct results.

With engaging posts to a targeted market, we were able to turn her current client base into her biggest ambassadors, and “remind” them of the great desserts she has to offer. We were also able to introduce the business to an entirely new audience that may have never heard of the business before, hence attracting new customers.

The business has sold out several times when events were promoted, and specific items were advertised. In addition to cupcakes and macaroons, the shop also makes custom cakes. After highlighting their cake offerings, they consistently receive custom cake orders on a regular basis as well.

The business continues to grow with new customers and repeat loyal customers coming in every day!